PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE February 2016 Issue | Page 114

101 modeling What You Need To Know About Being A Signed Model It seems like the ultimate goal for most aspiring models is to get signed to an agency. Being signed with an agency certainly will open up doors for you that may not have been so easy to get though previously, but your work does not stop once you sign on the dotted line. What does an agency do for you as a model? If you are brand new to the industry or need development, the agency will review your test(s) and tears and will determine if you need to shoot before you are placed on the board. Every agency has a list of preferred photographers they like for their models to work with. It’s best to shoot with someone on that list since they already know what the agency likes to see. If you are fairly new to the industry, the agency will speak to you about everything from what a model’s bag is to hair color and length. It’s the agency’s responsibility to create a marketable package before they present you to their clients. This includes your overall appearance and your images.