PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE February 2016 Issue | Page 106

How to Become theWoman You Want to Be By 
Melinda Parrish If you’re anything like me, then you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution every year that you can recall. Usually, these resolutions have had something to do with improving my outer appearance, like losing weight or working out more. These resolutions were always based on someone else’s definition of perfection, like society’s standards for my body. But this year, I’m not going to let anyone else define who I should be -- I’m going to actively define it for myself. I’m going to think holistically about the woman that I want to be in 2016--and you should, too! Here are a few of the ways to reprogram your definition of the woman that you want to be, and to formulate more mindful resolutions for 2016: BE THE WOMAN