PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE February 2015 Issue | Page 96

101 modeling Madeline Jones took to Instagram to answer your most important modeling questions! leandracarol How can I start my modeling career with #plusmodelmag... where can I send my comp card? There are certain things you can do to begin your career in the modeling industry. Ideally you want to take snap shots and send them to agencies. While you are waiting to get feedback and/or signed with an agency it would benefit you to test with photographers who know how shoot plus size models and know the type of images that you need to get be noticed by a reputable modeling agency. In addition you should saturate yourself with knowledge about the industry and what is expected from you. We have Modeling 101 articles in each issue of the magazine. Go back and read our information or visit our blog and click on modeling for direct links. fruitonbottom Now that Tess Munster has landed a mainstream modeling contract, where do you see the future of plus size modeling going in terms of using models who are technically “too short”? Will you be reconsidering your exclusionary policies on that front? I would hope that with Tess Munster being signed the industry would begin to change the way they market to plus size women. As for the magazine, we do not control who brands or agencies work with, so we have had to find creative ways to work with models outside of industry standards. Tess has been in the magazine several times as well as other models like Rosie Mercado, who do not necessarily meet those standards. We have been very active in the size diversity movement and we are thrilled to see change happening.