PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE BIG Fall fashion Issue | Page 68

How did you hear about the # everyBODYModelSearch ?
I follow PLUS Model Magazine ’ s website / blog and turned on their post notifications a while back . One day I got an alert for a post announcing a model search with more details to be given the day Marla aired on HSN . I watched HSN on a Saturday and I submitted the following day ! The rest was up to my votes and supporters !
During our shoot , you told us about your campaign to win this model search . Can you share this story with our readers ?
My campaign was simple . I want others to see themselves as beautifully as possible at any given size . I ’ ve been anywhere from a size 8-22 . I ’ ve never known what it ’ s like to be “ skinny ” or “ fit ” so I have been forced to love my curves because that ’ s just who I am . Others see me as beautiful because I see me as beautiful . Who defines MY beauty ? Them or me ? Ask yourself that question and answer honestly . There are a lot of people who are physically beautiful to the world but to themselves they aren ’ t . All they see are flaws . Why ? Because they haven ’ t accepted themselves yet .
What does body confidence mean to you ?
Body confidence is loving and liking that God-given body you have . Yes , Girls , it ’ s THAT simple . There ’ s no special equation to this , either . It means wearing what you want when you want and feeling like a queen . It means feeling free to be yourself and living to your fullest potential as a woman .