PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE August 2015 Denim Issue | Page 146

101 modeling Madeline Jones took to Instagram to answer your most important modeling questions! glambybenita When you are a new model, and you have been doing TFP and basically working for exposure, how do you start getting paid gigs? Do I have to get a manager/agency representation? What is the best way to get selected by an agency? How do you find castings for plus models? You are correct, in the very beginning you will work for free in exchange for exposure. Having a manager or agency is the best way for models to ensure payment. There are industry standards MOST agencies will adhere to but at the end of the day the rates are set between the agency and the client. For instance eCommerce work can pay anywhere from $500 a day (for a small company) to $2,500 (for a large brand or designer). As a freelancer you would not know how to set your rates, so I will give you some samples but this is not set in stone, and you may have to leave room to negotiate. Smaller brands: Runway $150 for the day minimum Ecommerce $500 per day Campaign $800 - $1,000 per day Online magazines - $150 per day