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Start With the Ending… It’s the best place to begin! This is where you learn to become a VISIONARY! Create a landscape of your life in the future with vivid color and detail. Have clarity; describe what your life is going to be. What is it that brings you happiness and fulfillment? What make you passionate about life! If you have more energy, describe what it is you are doing to get that extra boost. The delight is in the details. Create possibility that in turn will become your reality. Create Goals • What action will you take? How, when, where and what will you do, as you take small steps toward your goals? • Make them measurable. How much and how often will you take these actions? • Action goals are commitments and commitments get results. Start your goal statements with “I will…” • Reasonable goals are successful goals. Small steps are easy wins and they add up. • Time your Target. Set a target date and time to accomplish your goals. Ladies, Failure is NOT a Four-letter Word Your path to success is made up of past efforts and failures. There is always something to learn. Stay in faith and always look at every situation with a humble heart and remember when the student is ready the teacher will always appear. What is most important to ask yourself is, “What did I learn?” My life coach, Lisa Lieberman Wang, and my trainer, Justin Blum, have taught me that you can always learn from your mistakes and learn to dec2013