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PMM [beauty] Tara’s Beauty Tips with Tara Taylor This cold weather is really hard on my skin. It’s extra dry and to make it worse, I chafe where my shoes or clothes rub against my already tender skin. Are there any lotions that can help? I feel like I’ve tried it all! - Toni from Poughkeepsie, NY Toni, there are a few steps you can take to hydrate your skin throughout these harsh winter months ahead. 1. Don’t crank up the heat in the shower too high. Taking a hot shower before stepping out into the cooler dry air can deplete your skin of moisture. After a lukewarm shower or bath, pat your skin dry and immediately apply your body lotion. 2. Mix your body lotion with a drop of oil. Vaseline and Palmer’s carry a gel oil that doesn’t get too messy. If you prefer a natural version, coconut oil works wonders. Use it alone or with your lotion of choice. 3. The strongest remedy is to use a body lotion HAVE A BEAUTY QUESTION? Email Tara at... and your question might be featured in an upcoming issue of PMM! containing an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) (i.e. 10% Glycolic) dec2013