PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE April 2016 Issue - Page 77

was brought up; my life’s theme has always been “Never judge a book by its cover”. Yet in this industry, you’re constantly being accepted or rejected the majority of the time, based on how you look, before someone even talks to you. PMM: Traveling is one of the huge perks of working as a model, but it can also be challenging. What tips do you have on having successful and effortless travel? Tia: I’m an extremely organized person and a “list” girl, so when packing, I can cross off my list as I go and not confuse myself with what has and hasn’t gone in my bag. I look up my destination so I have a basic idea of where I’m heading, especially if it’s a new place or different country. Unfortunately, I don’t sleep on flights, which is a killer when I’m doing the trip between Australia and London, so here’s a few simple beauty things that I find helpful. For my body, water, water, water! I do puff up after a long flight so I drink water regularly during the flight and try re