PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE April 2016 Issue - Page 58

Try everything at least once. That’s what I do and pleasantly surprised. Although there are those time “What was I thinking?” But at least I tried it! Excep cannot and will not. How do you feel bloggers contribute to the plus I recently had a conversation about this with one of friends, Crystal Coons. Bloggers fill the body-type don’t. When you shop online you’re limited to only se on a certain body type. Bloggers come in ALL shap give women the option to see a specific piece of clothi that resembles their own. In an ideal world brands s all body types, but while they’re still figuring out that my job a heck of lot easier! Can you offer tips to aspiring bloggers? My blog is barely a year old so I never feel qualified e these kinds of questions. But… #1. If at all possible and find your niche. I attribute my growth to posti having budget friendly content. When I first started i week. Now it’s at least 3 times a week and I’m growin I was a year ago. #2 Think about what you want to blog. Is it to inspire and be part of a wonderful comm stone to something bigger? Or is it just to eventually I think it’s success is directly correlated with why yo