PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE April 2016 Issue - Page 131

Who do you look to for curvy inspiration? The women in my family have always been my inspiration and the reason I find beauty in everything. We are all so diverse. Tall, short, thin, voluptuous but the one thing we all have in common is curves! I also look to fashion bloggers, magazines, and models for inspiration. What is the plus industry like in your hometown? The plus industry is not as main stream in my hometown as I would love to see it. However, it is growing. More plus size stores are opening up and offering more stylish options for the fuller figured woman. Finish this sentence... The plus industry is: Thriving! Everyday I see something even more amazing happening for the plus industry. I can’t help but to feel grateful for those who have helped pave the way and did not take no for an answer! I am sure it wasn’t easy. I am equally as excited for those of us just coming in to the industry. The plus industry as well as the body positivity movement is literally changing lives. I feel blessed and happy to be a part of it all.