PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE April 2016 Issue - Page 124

#3 - Practice your poses, smile and walk: You never know if they will ask you to “perform” in front of the camera. Remember who the client is. If they’re looking for e-Commerce models, they don’t want to see your high-fashion posing. They want to know you can sell the clothing. #4 – Be courteous: When you are ushered in, smile and greet the person(s) you are meeting. Make sure you have your book and/or tablet available and your heels ALREADY on. You don’t want to make them wait until you find your book and change shoes. Come ready to wow them! #5: Watch your body language: Be very mindful of your body when you are waiting to be seen or while they’re looking at your book. You should not be chewing gum, whistling, humming, etc. You should have good posture and stand up straight with confidence. #6 – Talk business properly: If the client attempts to talk rates or about booking you, advise them to call your agent. This is why you have an agent; bookings and rate talk should be done directly with the agency. If you are a freelance model, then you’re free to speak on your own behalf. Make sure that you take notes, go back home and create an agreement for the work specified. The agreement should be signed BEFORE the shoot. #7 – Be careful with your words: Never speak badly of another client, models, or anyone within the industry. This industry is VERY small and word can get around quickly. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity because you are the model that gossips. Bonus tip: MOST IMPORTANT! DO NOT BE LATE! Most of the time, they will either give you a specific time to show up or they’ll give you a window of time. If they are seeing models until 4pm, do not show up at 4:30pm.