PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE April 2016 Issue - Page 118

gives you the opportunity to be creative and bring the character to life in your own way. This was my second time working with him and he was as great as the first. I’m grateful for his vision and passion. Do you feel that you are much like the character that you played? NW: I am very much like the Guest Pastor. Growing up a PK (preacher’s kid) I watched my father encourage people through the word of God and I’m always trying to encourage others and help them to understand the word and plan for their life through the word of God. Producer Jermaine Smith on Neyoka: Neyoka has a role that is very unique, in a way that motion pictures and television have failed to capture a woman character as a Pastor. I saw the vision play out beyond belief as I watched Neyoka stand and deliver. Vicky Poole – (Mama King) What motivates you to act? VP: The motivation is the craft itself and being able to escape into a role that then inspires someone with the performance. I really love that immediate payback from acting. What’s it like working with Producer Jermaine Smith? VP: He is so passionate about his work, the writing, the story, that it is infectious and makes the actor want to give that same energy/performance to the scene. Plus Jay is relatable and a cool character which makes it a comfortable environment to work/play in as an actor. While filming this movie how were you impacted personally from the story that it’s