PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE April 2016 Issue - Page 117

LM: Working with Jermaine allows you to bring different elements to each character. He creates the words but he allows you to bring a backstory to the role. He finds great joy is testing your strength and your dedication. Jermaine’s a tweaker who watches then shapes you to reflect his vision. Once you learn the lines he allows you to bring your own personal touches and that’s important in the creative process. While filming this movie (drama, etc.) how were you impacted personally from the story that it’s portraying? LM: I wanted to give her the ability to fight with her spirit! I needed to give a voice to homeless people so that people realize we are all just 2 paychecks away from being in a serious situation when there is no support system. I loved the opportunity to play this role. Producer Jermaine Smith on Lorene Martinique: Lorene lost herself inside of her character. She came to set looking the part, smelling the part and living the part as Halle Berry did in her When was your first role as an actor or actress? NW: I portrayed a mistress to a Pastor In college in 1997 in the play was “Don’t Bother Me I can’t Cope” by Dr. C. Lee Turner What’s it like working with Producer Jermaine Smith? NW: Jermaine’s a blessing, he has given so many people their first opportunity in this business. He #plusmodelmag Neyoka Wells (Guest Pastor) 4.16 play version (which she performed in as well) to now the big screen is unbelievable. inspiration + style auditioning for her part in Jungle Fever. To see where she brought this character from in the stage