PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE April 2016 Issue - Page 116

Why do I enjoy acting!? KMC: It’s the freedom of it. How beautiful is it to be anything you want to be?!? Characters can take you on a roller coaster ride emotionally and physically and actors are the roller coaster, I love for people to take that ride with me. Producer Jermaine Smith on Kimberly: I had an excitement building in me wanting to see Kimberly audition for the role of Darlene after viewing her actors’ reel she sent me. Kimberly killed two minutes into her audition; which I cut short for her to exit and re-read for the Darlene role because I knew she was the Darlene I was looking for. Lorene Martinique (Homeless Woman Christine Maxwell) How did you get involved in acting? LM: My mother recognized my ability to bring life to over 50 dolls as a child and give each of them their own personalities. She quickly enrolled me in a bunch of extra-curricular activities such as tap, ballet, art, guitar, piano and acting. Acting stuck and the rest is