PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE April 2016 Issue | Page 122

101 modeling Preparing For a Go-See Whether you are a signed model or not, models are required to go on go-sees. A go-see is when a model visits a potential client in order for them to be able to see how the clothing looks on her. This is a great opportunity for the model to also sell herself with her personality! Here are 7 tips for a successful go-see: #1 - Do your homework: Research the client you’re going to meet with. You should know the type of clothing they sell, what they are most well-known for and as bonus information, who some of their models are. If a conversation happens and you mention the latest swimsuit or the latest jacket they are selling, it shows you have done your homework and know who they are. #2 - Hair, skin and nails: Please do not show up with chipped nails. It’s better to have no polish on at all than to show up with big red nails or chipped polish. Nude or clear polish is best. Makeup should be natural, but not appearing as if you just rolled out of bed. Keep it simple. Concealer, mascara, a little blush and lip gloss is all you need. Your hair should not be overly styled. A ponytail, messy high bun or loose and wavy strands are fine.