PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE April 2015 Bridal Issue | Page 102

101 modeling Madeline Jones took to Instagram to answer your most important modeling questions! Marie M. At what point should I stop trying to pursue modeling? I’m 43 years old. Maddy: Far be it for me to destroy anyone’s dreams, but I will say that at this point to start a fashion modeling career will be extremely difficult. I would look into commercial modeling where your age will not be a factor, and will actually help book you jobs. Beth D. I was booked for a job and asked if I could bring my boyfriend and they told me no, that it was a closed set. I am not under age, but I do have to travel far for bookings. Maddy: If you were underage then a parent or guardian would be required on set with you. Since you stated that you are NOT underage, then a parent or guardian is not required and 99% of photo shoots are closed. This means they do not want anyone else on set while they are shooting. It is highly unprofessional for models to bring boyfriends, parents and kids on set, unless there is a special circumstance.