Plumtree Baby Catalog Spring/Summer 2020 - Page 2

PLUMTREE BABY: THE DIFFERENCE Welcome! Serving childbearing families is an important job. You juggle many roles and responsibilities. Having tools that save you time, energy and money means you have more time with clients and you won’t have to “reinvent the wheel.” We understand your needs and have an array of tools to help support you and make it easy to educate your clients. From handouts to full teaching curriculum, our resources seamlessly integrate and provide high-quality, evidence- based information on a variety of topics. Meeting the needs of today’s parents requires resources that are professional, attractive and reflect current practices and research. This is why we are committed to continuous evaluation and revision of our products, which never feel out of date. But don’t just take our word for it! CONSISTENT 5-STAR REVIEWS Your workbooks are clear, well designed and give the full spectrum of information that families need going into birth. -Fatima Plumtree materials are very professional and of superb quality. I so appreciate a product that is literally ready to go “out of the box”! -Heather Excellent quality! A great addition to my teaching aides. Thank you for such wonderful products. -Jill With our resources in hand, you can focus on supporting parents. We’ll take care of the rest! Plumtree Baby makes the most resourceful educational material that I can provide... With great diagrams and easy to understand text there is nothing better than these materials when it comes to CBE resources! -Genna Julie Olson Very professional and culturally appropriate information for modern families. Thank you for providing beautiful and educational information for everyone! -ShLanda Founder and President 2