PLENTY SUMMER 2020 | Page 7

Take the High Road Take the Monorail Today, Montgomery and Frederick County residents find themselves at a crossroads. Our main transportation corridor, I-270, has reached capacity and its persistent congestion has become a drag on our counties’ business, quality of life, and environment. Plans are being drawn to widen the highway. The argument has been presented as this: we can have more pavement or more traffic. We would likely get both. But there is a supplemental option, which promises to expand our transportation network without requiring any losses of private or conserved property and reduce the need for future lane expansion: MONORAIL. Around the world MONORAILS have been shuttling commuters in high volumes for decades. Riding high on narrow concrete piers, they are quick to construct and require only a minimal footprint. And because they are powered by electricity, they are efficient, clean, and quiet as well. TAKE THE HIGH ROAD. TAKE THE MONORAIL. WATCH THE VIDEO & SIGN UP FOR UPDATES AT