PLENTY SUMMER 2020 | Page 44

Montgomery County Office of Agriculture, indicated recently that some larger farm operations are looking to set aside an acre in the fall to grow table food products that could serve those in need. I think that one of the silver linings here is that the Ag Reserve will be recognized as vitally important to the food economy of this region.” Crossvines: Poolesville Golf Course Reimagined Helping reimagine MCG’s nine golf courses into gathering places that attract the local community and non-golfers with food, entertainment, and a sense of community also has Josh’s creative gears moving. The Crossvines project takes the MCG vision to another level. Keith Miller, CEO of the Montgomery County Revenue Authority, and his team had the Poolesville Golf Course revenue project well underway when Josh arrived. What Josh has been able to do as Director of Hospitality is to provide added value opportunities to better utilize the entire facility. His experience and passion for food recovery and food waste solutions, local food sourcing and sustainability practices are being brought to bear and incorporated into the project. Two years ago, a quarter acre of open space along the pine grove that abuts the golf range was planted with Chardonel grapes, a hybrid cultivated for dry white wines. The project is a collaboration between MCRA and the University of Maryland Extension and allows students enrolled in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources to get invaluable hands-on experience in viticulture. It is envisioned that the Crossvines facility will ultimately serve as a gateway to the Ag Reserve, and the go-to resource for the viticulture community in Montgomery County, complete with a 44 plenty I Summer growing 2020