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Monorail can safely share space with a bike path or walking trail which is not true with surface rail or BRT where cars and pedestrians are at risk all the time. Monorail also has a perfect safety record when it comes to collisions with any other vehicle. n n n 27.5-inch-wide concrete beam regardless of topography. No individual bridge or tunnel designs are required. According to the contractor that completed the construction of the system in Sao Paulo, Brazil, monorail’s construction costs can be determined within 95 percent accuracy simply knowing the two points it goes between. When anything is standardized, cost and complexity are reduced. Stations: Monorail is the only transit system that can penetrate habitable space, a la Disney Hotel in Orlando. Stations can be integrated into the designs of commercial development without taking up additional land. Lots of cost savings here and many costs can be shifted to developers. Capacity: Another important detail to consider is how many people per hour per direction (pphpd) a system can carry. While the Purple Line will max out at 9,000 pphpd. Monorail maxes out at 40,000 pphpd. Reliability: Unaffected by traffic or weather, monorail has an excellent/exceptional reliability record. Taking all of these findings together, the Foundation’s study determined that the Purple Line could have been built twice as fast and could have saved $500 million dollars in cost if it had been a monorail. Since we started the Purple Line construction as light rail, however, we need to finish it as light rail. But as we look for solutions for removing commuter traffic, development pressure, and storm water runoff from the Agricultural Reserve, we should consider a new approach to our transportation challenges in the I-270 Corridor. That new approach, we believe, is monorail. Stay tuned and stay involved in the Corridor Forward I-270 Plan by MNCPPC. Here is the link: https:// Robert Eisinger is a lifelong resident of Montgomery County, MD. His alma maters include American University and George Washington University, and he holds a B.S. in Finance from Indiana University, Bloomington. As Principal and Managing Member, Robert O. Eisinger oversees all aspects of Promark Partners’ daily operations and its investment portfolio. Mr. Eisinger’s career has encompassed all aspects of commercial real estate development, investment and management. plenty I summer growing 2020 35