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“best practices,” orchardist Gene Kingsbury employs Integrated Pest Management, a targeted approach to addressing specific insects. Instead of broadband pesticides, for example, he chooses pheromone traps and mating disrupters that hang from his trees. Mating disrupters don’t kill peach tree borers that weaken crops, but inhibit their ability to find a mate, reducing their population and damage to crops. Gene also limits spraying pesticides during bloom season, specifically to avoid hurting pollinators because crops like sweet cherries and apples are almost entirely dependent on those pollinators. And, while unable to go completely organic, by using IPM, Gene and other growers in the Reserve make a concerted effort to Joe Long of HoneyFX Apiaries teaches children how to care for honeybees and native wild bees. mitigate specific insects without hurting the pollinators. The list of national and local programs created to save pollinators and their habitat is also vast, but if you take anything away from this article, know that even your smallest environmentally related choices really matter. In the case of pollinators, it isn’t overly dramatic to say our survival depends on these choices. So, while there are many good people out there trying to fix our past ecological mistakes, they need our assistance. And most of all, remember this: if we want butterflies in our garden, don’t kill the caterpillars! An avid outdoorswoman and third generation gardener, popular local writer Pamela Boe lives with her family among the orchards in the heart of the Ag Reserve. Her love of horticulture, cultivated at an early age by her mastergardener grandmother at their family owned nursery, continues to this day. OPEN Daily 10:00am - 6:00pm Since 1888, Lewis Orchards has been a treasured part of Montgomery County life. Fourth generation farmers Robert and Linda Lewis own and operate the farm market, known for its fair prices and beautiful high quality produce. 18901 Peach Tree Road at the intersection of Rte. 28 (Darnestown Road) and Peach Tree Road 25 plenty I autumn Dickerson, harvest MD 2019 20842 • 301-349-4101 • plenty summer growing 2020 25 plenty I summer growing 2020 25 plenty I summer growing 2020 25