PLENTY magazine Fall Harvest Issue 2021 - Page 44

A New Day for Those on the Pandemic ’ s Front Line

by jane O . Smith

Born out of gratitude , care and concern for local healthcare and emergency workers , educators and people involved in retail and critical trades who have selflessly served on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis , the New Day Project was created to provide a farm-inspired approach to healing and well-being . Its original home at Madison Fields , an historic 400-acre farm in the

Agriculture Reserve , offered guests facing stress and overwhelm a place to enjoy wellness retreats and R & R days .
As one seasoned police officer shared at the end of a day , “ Today I heard the wind . I forgot what that sounds like . And I reconnected to my very dear colleagues during our forest walk after many , many months of isolation and sadness .”
Madison Fields , known for its equestrian center and a garden
44 plenty I autumn harvest 2021 Photo : Megan White