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NABS, in conjunction with Cornell University, has been monitoring the species’ numbers. Nationwide, since the efforts in the ‘70’s, bluebird numbers have increased dramatically, until about five years ago when they, alarm- ingly, leveled off. But there is good news says Stan. “In the state of Maryland we are holding our own or doing a little bit better than the national average.” This is largely due to the com- mitment of people like Dr. Zeleny, Anne Sturm, Stan and Beth, but also because of protected areas like the Ag Reserve which serve as a foothold for the struggling species. By reducing urbanization, and lim- iting the threats that go along with it, the Ag Reserve serves as a bas- tion of protection for this beautiful, vulnerable species. Oh, and it turns out, blue- birds love dried mealworms. In conjunction with this article, John Speelman at Poolesville Hardware has stocked bluebird houses and mealworms for anyone who wants to invite bluebirds into their yards. If you are interested in learn- ing more about bluebirds and how you can help them, visit: Pamela Boe is a freelance writer, blog- ger (, former paramedic, avid cook, gardener, and outdoors- woman. She lives in the Ag Reserve with her husband and two children. M o n t g o m e r y C o u n t r y s i d e A l l i a n c e Working to Protect Farmland and Open Space Check out MCA’s ongoing initiatives at Land Link: Connecting Farmers & Landowners Re-Leaf The Reserve: Planting Trees to Combat Climate Change Regenerative Agriculture: Restoring the Soil Sunday, Oct 13, 2019 Catered Lunch  Farm Rest Stops  Familes and Teams Welcomed  Routes of 10 - 62 Miles Sponsorships Available Registration Opens June 1 at Ride Like The Reserve Depends on It! plenty I autumn harvest 2019 13