Platform Issue One | Page 2


For the past year or so you have all known me as that really chatty, fun and quite inspired blogger known as The Glamour Suite (you also know me as Dann too). All the work I've done over the last year has been heading down to one thing and that is the imment release of Platform. As you turn the pages today give a little thought to everything that has been posted or said by me in the last year and you will hopefully see things falling into place.

Enough about the past, though, let's focus on the here and now and what this magazine is to me and more importantly to you, and just where the idea came from.


Platform is an idea I have toyed with for a long time, even before the blog if I'm honest (although the decision to actually go ahead with it came while I was in the bath). Like may of you I read the Vogues, Marie Claire's, Cosmo's of the world and, while they are fabulous magazines, (their legacy really does speak for itself) I always felt they missed the point.

Sure who doesn't want to flick page after page and see the likes of Gwynth Paltrow or Kate Moss looking stunningly flawess, and who doesn't want to read the latest from them to get a feel and a connection for their favourite star. What these magazines miss the most though is a sense of realism, - yup I've gone and said it now - a sense of the real world out there not just the famous. That's why I decided to create this magazine. I wanted to represent the majority of us that read these magazines.

So what does this mean in terms of readership? Do I want you to stop reading the glossy magazines you have become acustom to in favour of this one? No, and I'm not saying you should either. I am just offering a real-life alternative to fashion and glamour giants that represents a little part of all of us, as well as encouraging you to try looks out for yourself.

You will not see a photoshoot shot by me photoshopped (promotional sections from The Pantie Purse are for now, but we are hoping to change that too). From issue one and throughout our images will only ever be eddited by Instagram and I'm hoping one day to abbolish that altogether too.

I hear you asking what to expect now though. If you're looking for a thrilling celebrity interview full of scandal and gossip I'm afraid this isn't the place for you. On the other hand, if you're looking to recreate some classic make-up, see something a little bit artsy, favourite trends for real sized men and women - then this is the magazine for you.

Hopefully, like me, you will feel a need for this kind of magazine I have dubbed a True Glamour magazine. It will always stay true to you and I hope you have as much fun as I did getting to know the models as I did working with them.

Love Always

Dann xoxo