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Plan.Meet.Repeat. Podcast….who’s on the show! W e pride ourselves on getting guests that can really bring value to our listeners. Guests include Speakers, Meeting Planners and Event Industry Experts. To subscribe visit our site at After earning her PhD with research designated as “transformative” by the National Science Foundation, Dr. Rebecca Heiss went on to hold multiple appointments in academia, applying her research to solve practical problems in overcoming what she refers to as “biological ghosts” - subconscious behaviors that haunt modern life. applications-in-the-business-world-speaker-dr- rebecca-heiss/ Author, former radio show host and personal safety expert Pete Canavan has made it his mission to improve personal safety. His extensive experience as an IT security consultant, self-defense instructor, and public safety professional allow him to provide practical, actionable solutions to threats that exist in both the digital and physical worlds. He has been helping clients and students learn how to protect themselves for over 20 years from all types of online and offline threats to their personal safety and security. and-workplace-safety-expert-pete-canavan/ Bill Black speaks from the heart and connects with audiences with stories from 30+ years of helping business owners plan their futures as a Certified Exit Planner. He has the unique perspective of having interviewed over 1,000 Advisors & Authors as Host of The Exit Coach Radio Show (which aired weekly on AM830 KLAA in Los Angeles and is still accessible worldwide daily as a Podcast on iTunes). success-with-bill-black/ Plan Meet Repeat Magazine March/April 2019 3