Plain & Simple: Bright Business Insights Vol. 6 | Issue 2 | Summer 2021

PLAIN AND SIMPLE Bright Business Insights

Vol . 6 | Issue 2 | Summer 2021

Dear Readers ,

Who can believe that 2021 is two-thirds of the way complete ? As I write this article I have to reflect on the past 18 months . It has been a trying time for everyone , but there have also been so many silver linings . I think about the good that has happened , alongside the trauma and chaos of the pandemic and an ever-changing world . I have seen businesses succeed in spite of these challenges , communities that came together to help one another , and the true resilience of mankind in so many ways . Who knows what the future holds and if we will see another strain of COVID-19 impact our economy and communities , but we all seem to be better prepared now .
Here at Rea , we are continuing to focus on our clients and our team . We are working through Paycheck Protection Program forgiveness applications , the Employee Retention Credit , and finishing up the 2020 tax returns and financial statements . It has been a busy year , but our team has again came through in big ways to help our clients . We ’ re thrilled to start having in-person meetings and events again , and we ’ re constantly finding new ways to support our staff and clients through these uncertain times .
Looking at the remainder of the year for Plain & Simple , you will continue to see articles aimed at helping your business stay ahead of the times . As we continue to see hourly wages increase and inflation at our doorstep , we have to come up with ways as advisors to help our clients through these times . One item that has been true throughout history is that business owners are resilient and find ways to persevere – and this year is no exception . Our team is ready to support your business in any way we can , and we ’ re constantly evaluating how we can better serve you .
Finally , as we are closing in on Manufacturing Education Day we wanted to highlight a couple changes . We are excited to announce we will be pushing back our date to October 29 , 2021 , and will be moving the seminar to our new Wooster office . Our new office will feature a training room , which will be a great place to host the event . The address of the new location is 230 North Market Street , Wooster , Ohio 44691 . Included in this issue of Plain & Simple , you ’ ll find a RSVP card for this event . We can only hold roughly 80 people in our new training room , so please RSVP as soon as possible . We will be filling the spots on a first come basis .
We ’ re looking forward to what comes next for our clients as 2022 rapidly approaches , and we ’ re excited to keep growing as a team . We can ’ t wait to see many of you this fall for Manufacturing Education Day , and we wish you a great rest of the summer .
Sincerely ,
Dustin Raber , CPA , CMP
Principal , Director of Manufacturing and Distribution Services 545 North Market Street Wooster , Ohio 44691-3465 ( 330 ) 521-4534 dustin . raber @ reacpa . com