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Forging Success : Flextur ’ s Evolution with Rea & Associates
In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing , Flextur stands out as a strategic partner , providing innovative solutions for the industry ’ s ever-evolving challenges . Flextur is a metal manufacturer with a product offering focused on industrial workflow solutions , that enable manufacturing plants to thrive . They also extend their expertise through contract manufacturing , serving as strategic partners for Original Equipment Manufacturers ( OEMs ), focusing not just on parts , but on comprehensive solutions .
The partnership between Flextur and Rea & Associates , built over the years , has been integral to their success . Mike Swartzentruber , controller at Flextur , took some time to discuss their journey in a recent interview :
“ We here at Flextur are a metal manufacturer that likes to solve complex problems with simple solutions that work for the manufacturing industry ,” Mike explains . “ Our focus utilizes lean principles , 5S efficiency , and more to assist manufacturers in optimizing their operations .”
Flextur ’ s operations cover a broad spectrum , from producing their own products to manufacturing undercarriages for Amish buggies . “ Back when we started with Rea , we were known as Pioneer Equipment . The relationship started before my time ,” Mike shares . “ The partnership has continued through various changes , including our company name changes .”
Navigating Change and Growth with Holistic Support
In an industry marked by constant shifts , Flextur found themselves adapting to changing markets , diversifying their product offerings , and experiencing significant growth . The need for a robust Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) system became apparent as their old systems struggled to keep up with their evolving demands . Rea stepped in , providing more than just a system implementation . They offered expertise , capacity , and the necessary support to ensure a smooth transition . Mike emphasized how Rea ’ s availability and experience were vital , allowing Flextur to focus on growing their business .
“ We underwent significant changes due to shifts in markets and growth ,” Mike notes . “ Our old systems were unable to support these changes effectively , so we engaged Rea to help us implement a new ERP system . Rea provided the competency and capacity we needed to smoothly transition to the new system , enabling us to focus on our growth .”
One of the standout qualities of Rea is its ability to provide comprehensive support across various business segments . Flextur ’ s journey involved engaging Rea ’ s payroll , HR , MsIT and ERP teams .
“ We engaged Rea across multiple segments of our business ,” Mike acknowledges . “ Their expertise in payroll , HR , and ERP was evident , but