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pink weddings magazine, spring/summer 2017 pink weddings magazine Pink Weddings Magazine is published in partnership with Pink Weddings Ltd. Publishers: CJ Wellings Ltd, Romney House, School Road, Ashford, Kent TN27 0LT Editor: Claire Brown e: [email protected] Designer: Jez Tucker e: [email protected] Advertising sales manager: Ian Ralph e: [email protected] Advertising sales: [email protected] Press enquiries: Gino Meriano e: [email protected] Subscriptions: e: [email protected] Website: Printed on paper from sustainable sources by the Manson Group Ltd. Cover: Ben Lee Photo Imagery CJ Wellings Ltd does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of statements made by contributors or advertisers. The contents of this magazine are the copyright of CJ Wellings Ltd, but do not necessarily represent its views or those of its partners. Let’s shake it baby for summer… WeLcome to our bright and beautiful new issue, bursting with inspiration and ideas! We’re grateful to our lovely couples for sharing their amazing weddings – and a glance at their stunning photographs will make you realise how spectacularly individual you can make your big day. When we ask for their advice to pass on to readers, our couples often say ‘make sure the day is as individual as you are’, or ‘only do what makes the two of you happy’. So their stories are living proof that staying true to yourselves can add up to a day of love and laughter. Julie and Lisa opted for the crazy backdrop of Walt Disney World, entirely in keeping with their sense of humour, while Adam and Daniel blended Pagan traditions with the majestic setting of a country house in Devon for a spiritual ceremony that had guests communing with Mother Earth. Our seaside brides, Amanda and Beth and Dee and Debs, remind us why seascapes make the most glorious setting for a wedding – particularly if you can get your photographer to chase you round a lighthouse! (Turn to page 62 to find out which of them first met dressed as a cowgirl and a dog…) And who knew that planning a wedding could be so much fun? Sam and James enjoyed the run-up to theirs so much that they founded their own wedding business to share their expertise with other couples. We also have the latest fashion trends to wow the eye – including advice from Luxury Life International’s James W Phillips, who dropped by on his way back from Monaco. And remember – looking good is about feeling good, and not about bending to pressure to look a certain way. We love Alice Hiley’s take on the ‘body positive’, as she calls time on crash dieting and ‘shedding for the wedding’ and encourages us to celebrate our differences. So there you have it – plenty to tuck into. And if it’s all getting a bit much, our Fonda’s ready to bolster you up with the very best of advice… Have an awesome summer! Gino Meriano Gay rights campaigner and founder of Pink Weddings Get your very own printed copy of Pink Weddings magazine! Go to oR download the app from iTunes pink weddings magazine » 3