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Look great – and make sure it ’ s caught on camera …

Hey , good looking !

Every special moment
Every love is unique and in this day and age one wedding model no longer fits all . Your wedding day means your rules , and your photographs need to capture everything that ’ s important to you . Trust in Rishi Raj Photography to deliver stunning photographs while you relax and enjoy the moment , reflecting the wonder of the event in glamorous portraits as well as shots showing more intimate emotions . No matter how extravagant or informal your occasion , let this Londonbased international photographer provide you with a first class premium service , from consultation to delivery of albums and prints .
A wedding photographer is privileged to immortalise your occasion , providing memories that last a lifetime . Rishi Raj wants your personalities to shine through and for your day to come alive again every time you look at the print hanging on your living room wall , or when you cosy up together to leaf through your storybook album . www . rishiraiphotography . com
Relaxed and creative
Neil Bennett Photography specialises in wedding photography that captures the real heart-stopping moments from your big day . Working in Derbyshire , Nottinghamshire , Leicestershire and Staffordshire , the style of his work is relaxed and creative . Neil ’ s approach to wedding photography is to find those natural special moments and preserve them forever . He will work with you to create any particular images you have in mind and can make sure the photos are as quirky and creative as you like .
With the list of formal shots you provide to him , he can be organised and efficient and make sure this part of your day is done in a fun and relaxed way . He takes images of all the little details , and wants you to enjoy your day – so he ’ ll never bark orders at you and your guests , but mingles with your crowd to create real ‘ I was there ’ images . www . neilbennettphotography . co . uk
Cutting a dash
Your wedding day is one of the most important events of your life , with photos to be treasured for generations . Whether you ’ re getting married in a church or having a civil ceremony , dressing up is usually an integral part . The grooms and their parties need to look their best and that ’ s where successful men ’ s formalwear hire business Bartlett & Butcher comes into its own . They fit grooms and their parties for weddings all over the world and their motto – ’ Where tradition is standard and standards are a tradition ’ – will never be compromised .
Choose from their traditional range of formal morning coats or select something from their contemporary wedding hire catalogue , and you and your guests will cut fine figures . Marrying abroad on a desert island ; needing to hire an outfit for a beach wedding ; tying the knot in a whitewashed chapel , a historic castle or on a Greek hilltop ? They have the outfit you need . www . bartlett-butcher . co . uk
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