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AmAndA And Beth e met unexpectedly in a club. I subtly winked and smiled across the dance floor at Beth – not the most romantic of settings, but the fact that neither of us were meant to be there that night made it pretty special. We went for a drink, followed by a jump or ten on a bouncy castle – like the big kids we are. The following weeks we enjoyed going out for meals, cocktails and spent time together surfing at Longsands Beach, Tynemouth. Beth sneakily (but thoughtfully) asked parental consent for our engagement before we left for a three-month summer vacation to Australia in 2015. We travelled around a lot but she proposed on Hamilton Island, an idyllic place located on the Whitsundays. We had hired a golf buggy as it was the only form of transportation and that morning, Beth drove us to the peak of One Tree Hill. I was amazed at its name, as the TV show had meant a great deal to me over the years. Beth encouraged me to join her on the grass bank to watch W sunrise, but I wasn’t keen because of the amount of morning dew. She then dropped to one knee and proposed – it was beautiful. The rest of the day was dreamy too. We wanted a laid-back day that incorporated some of the things we love, with the people we love. We’ve travelled a lot together and enjoy the sea and coast, so these were our main theme. Fortunately, we live really close to the coast and had heard of some amazing venues. The day venue was St Mary’s Lighthouse, as it’s quirky – like us! The evening was at Crusoes, on the very same beach that we’ve surfed on from our early dating days. Despite both venues being on the smaller size, meaning we had to invite fewer people, they each seemed so fitting that we went with our gut. We both opted for long dresses with lace details, for our October wedding. Beth bought the first dress she tried on – a Heidi Hudson gown – and I took a little longer to choose my Viva Bride dress, but I still ended up placing a deposit in the first shop. We bought them both from a lovely place called WED2B in Gateshead. The staff at the lighthouse were very helpful in planning our ceremony, and shared ideas. We had some of our favourite and special songs playing and managed to narrow down the selection to a few, including a song that reminds us of our time travelling around New Zealand. pink weddings magazine » 9