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JuLIe AnD LISA ever after Julie and Lisa’s story began slowly, but with a touch of comedy the romance became box office gold. Julie shares their journey. Photography by Randy Chapman. L isa and I met about 13 years ago, although we did not start dating until 2011. She runs a karate studio, and I teach in an elementary school. She often visits schools in the community to speak with the students about respect, self-discipline, and motivation. Back in 2003 – the year her studio opened, and my very first year teaching – she visited my classroom. We were at different places in our lives. I was newly married, and she was in a relationship. I was married to a man; she was with a woman. The time was not right, but I never forgot her face. Fast forward to 2010... I was recently divorced and had two small sons, and she was coming out of a relationship. My elder son wanted to take karate, and I remembered Lisa. I took my boys to her karate studio and reminded her that we had met before. We began spending some time together as friends. We saw movies and had lunches, but we weren’t interested in dating since I didn't realise I could be interested in a woman. As we spent more time together, we accidentally fell in love with one another and the time we spent together was just so amazing. It wasn’t long before we became a couple. Lisa proposed to me at Walt Disney World in front of Cinderella’s castle, immediately after the nightly fireworks show in June 2014. She got down on her knee and told me how she had waited her whole life to find me, and that she pink weddings magazine » 83