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SAm And JAmeS wedding day logo and the order of service. A close friend also made our fabulous cake, so we had a lot of input from everybody. It gave our wedding a personal feel and also enabled our nearest and dearest to be involved in our day. We both felt very calm knowing we had fully prepared for our day months in advance. We had contingencies in case something went slightly not as planned, and our wedding party were fully prepped with how things would go. That meant we were both fully relaxed and could enjoy every aspect and moment of the day, and got to spent time with family and friends without worrying what was happening next. Our venue were aware of how prepared we were – we gave them a folder full of the running order, suppliers and details for the day. They loved it as it meant they knew exactly what needed to happen and when. You can never be too prepared! Seeing our plans come together and having our nearest and dearest there was extra special and it will be a day we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. It’s hard to choose the high points of our day – there were so many! Getting married was of course the biggest highlight – it was a beautiful heartfelt ceremony with our family and friends, surrounded by a stunning country setting. We loved seeing everything coming together and knowing all our hard work and wedding planning experience was worth it. And having guests coming up to us saying it was the best wedding they had ever been to was of course the icing on the cake! ‘OUR WEDDING PARTY WERE FULLY PREPPED... THAT MEANT WE WERE BOTH FULLY RELAXED AND COULD ENJOY EVERY ASPECT.’ pink weddings magazine » 35