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ZOe AnD SARAH arah proposed to me on the anniversary of our first ‘date’. She schemed with some of my closest friends and planned a romantic day of pampering for me, which culminated in her going down on one knee at home to present me with a beautiful diamond ring. I had no idea she was planning to propose and was so overwhelmed and happy I just hugged her as tight as I could. I didn’t realise at the time that Sarah was really anxious that I hadn’t actually said the word ‘yes’. In my defence, I had thought the hug and the kiss and the tears of joy implied it! Sarah’s proposal was particularly romantic as she had factored in my OCD about numbers and anniversaries – our first date, proposal and wedding are all celebrated on the same day. A year after she proposed to me I got down on one knee and presented Sarah with her own engagement ring. Despite the fact the venue was already booked and she had bought her dress, I was still worried she’d say no! Sarah had wanted to do her proposal somewhere in public but she knew I’d say no just to be funny. We tried to make our day as much about us as we could. The music choices were eclectic but we wanted to include our favourite songs – and it worked on the day! We both walked down the aisle to Sunshine On My Shoulders by John Denver and returned up the aisle as Mrs and Mrs to Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah. We’re quite a down-to-earth couple and aren’t very materialistic or showy, and we just wanted a day surrounded by our favourite people having fun. We knew we wanted the ceremony, reception and evening ‘do’ all in the same venue and we both decided a hotel would be the perfect location. This would enable family and friends to stay and would also provide me with a room that I could use throughout the day so S ‘We wanted to include our favourite songs – and it worked on the day! We both walked down the aisle to Sunshine On My Shoulders by John Denver.’ that I could rest when needed. Sarah suggested that we married in my home town, Oakham in Rutland, but I told her that was an absurd idea as we lived in Birmingham, Sarah worked in Birmingham and our lives together were in Birmingham. So we looked at venues, found the one we wanted, booked it for October 2014 and paid our deposit. That June we relocated to Oakham and Sarah hardly ever uttered the words ‘I told you so’! The whole day began to evolve once we’d picked the venue. We loved the look of the hotel as soon as we found it and both said that we felt like Hercule Poirot as we walked through the Art Deco hallway. It gave us the inspiration to have an Agatha Christie/1920s theme and we decided to ask guests to join us in fancy dress if they wished. We were both members of an LGBT drama group in Birmingham at the time and we were pretty certain our friends were going to relish the chance to dress up. Both of our families loved the idea and enjoyed spending time putting their outfits together. pink weddings magazine » 47