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Amazing ambience
Eaves Hall truly is a dream venue – a refurbished Georgian mansion with opulent rooms and seven acres of gardens and grounds set amongst the stunning Ribble Valley . With fine Georgian architecture , this exclusive-use country house has 30 expertly furnished bedrooms including a luxury lodge for friends and family . It ’ s the ideal setting for the perfect country house wedding providing a breathtaking romantic backdrop for your wedding photographs .
The friendly team are committed to ensuring your wedding goes without a hitch . They ’ ll take away the stresses and strains of planning so that you can relax and enjoy your special day in luxurious surroundings . And if you ’ re keen to get hitched and would rather do it sooner than later , Eaves Hall offers Late Availability Packages . You ’ ll have full exclusive use of the venue and all the luxurious benefits of an Eaves Hall wedding , as well as that unique contemporary country house ambience and atmosphere . www . eaveshall . co . uk

Gold standard

Don ’ t settle for less than the best …
Sensational spaces
Delightfully Lavish Events creates sensational spaces with Indian Marquees and South African Stretch Tents . They can transform any space into something really special for your wedding , whether your reception is a sumptuous party for many or an intimate candle-lit dinner for a select few . Inspired by Indian culture and with a passion for colour , their beautiful Rajasthani tents come in many hues and can be lined with walls of gold-block-printed cotton . If you wish , they will add gorgeous cushions , authentic rugs , tables and lanterns .
For those who prefer a more modern look , the stretch tents look sleek and stylish thanks to the slick shapes and lines created by the wooden or aluminium poles . An updated version of the African Bedouin tent , they are extremely flexible and make the perfect alternative or addition to more traditional tents . www . delightfullylavish . com
Sound advice
Quality Solicitors Howlett Clarke are Brighton and Hove ’ s oldest solicitors ’ practice and have been looking after the personal and business legal needs of the residents of Brighton , Hove and Sussex for over 240 years . They aim to make talking to your lawyer more accessible , and their promise of a ‘ same day response ’ means your question is never an inconvenience .
They are real people , just like you , and whatever life throws your way they are there to help and promise to take the time to fully understand your needs before providing sound , jargon-free , professional advice . They never hide their costs . If you are not sure if they can help , then please contact them as their initial discussion is free . www . howlettclarke . co . uk
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Quality Amazing ambience Eaves Hall truly is a dream venue – a refurbished Georgian mansion with opulent rooms and seven acres of gardens and grounds set amongst the stunning Ribble Valley. With fine Georgian architecture, this exclusive-use country house ���̀��������ѱ䁙�ɹ�͡��)���ɽ��́����Ց�����������䁱�������ȁ�ɥ���́���)�����丁%ӊéѡ��������͕�ѥ�����ȁѡ����ə��Ё��չ���)���͔�ݕ�������ɽ٥��������ɕ�ѡх�����ɽ���ѥ�)�����ɽ����ȁ��ȁݕ���������ѽ�Ʌ��̸)Q����ɥ�����ѕ����ɔ�������ѕ��Ѽ�����ɥ������)ݕ���������́ݥѡ��Ё����э���Q���e���х����݅�ѡ�)��ɕ�͕́������Ʌ��́������������ͼ�ѡ�Ё�ԁ����ɕ���������������ȁ�����������)�������ɥ��́���ɽչ����̸��������׊eɔ������Ѽ���Ё��э��������ݽձ��Ʌѡ�ȁ��)�Ёͽ���ȁѡ�����ѕȰ��ٕ́!���������́1�є�م���������A������̸�e�׊e�����ٔ��ձ�)�፱�ͥٔ��͔����ѡ��ٕ�Ք���������ѡ������ɥ��́�������́�������ٕ́!���)ݕ��������́ݕ����́ѡ�Ёչ��Ք����ѕ���Ʌ�䁍�չ��䁡��͔�������������)�ѵ�����ɔ����ܹ��ٕ͡�������լ)�����х���ɐ)���eЁ͕�ѱ����ȁ���́ѡ���ѡ�����ӊ�)M��ͅѥ�����������)�����љձ��1�٥͠�ٕ��́�ɕ�ѕ͕́�ͅѥ����������́ݥѠ)%������5���Օ�́����M��Ѡ��ɥ����M�ɕэ��Q���̸�Q��䁍��)�Ʌ�͙�ɴ������������Ѽ�ͽ��ѡ����ɕ��������������ȁ���)ݕ�������ݡ�ѡ�ȁ��ȁɕ���ѥ����́���յ��ս�́����䁙��)���䁽ȁ�����ѥ��є����������Ё�����ȁ��ȁ��͕���Ё��ܸ)%����ɕ����%�������ձ��ɔ�����ݥѠ������ͥ�����ȁ�����Ȱ�ѡ���)����ѥ�հ�I����ѡ����ѕ��́�����������䁡Օ́����������������)ݥѠ�݅��́���������������ɥ�ѕ�����ѽ���%���ԁݥ͠��ѡ��ݥ��)������ɝ���́��͡���̰���ѡ��ѥ���՝̰�х���́�������ѕɹ̸)�ȁѡ�͔�ݡ���ɕ��ȁ����ɔ�����ɸ�������ѡ����ɕэ��ѕ���)�����ͱ����������履͠�ѡ���́Ѽ�ѡ��ͱ����͡���́���������)�ɕ�ѕ����ѡ��ݽ������ȁ��յ���մ�����̸�������ѕ�)ٕ�ͥ������ѡ���ɥ���� ���ե��ѕ�а�ѡ�䁅ɔ����ɕ���䁙��᥉��)���������ѡ����ə��Ё��ѕɹ�ѥٔ��ȁ����ѥ���Ѽ���ɔ)�Ʌ��ѥ�����ѕ��̸���ܹ������љձ�居٥͠����(��� ������ݕ�����́����饹�)M�չ����٥��)EՅ����M�����ѽ�́!�ݱ��Ё ��ɭ���ɔ� ɥ��ѽ������!�ٗ�e�)�����Ёͽ����ѽ�ϊd��Ʌ�ѥ���������ٔ����������������ѕȁѡ�)���ͽ����������ͥ���́����������́���ѡ��ɕͥ����́��) ɥ��ѽ���!�ٔ�����M��͕����ȁ�ٕȀ����啅�̸�Q��䁅���Ѽ)�����х������Ѽ���ȁ����ȁ��ɔ������ͥ���������ѡ���)�ɽ��͔�������aͅ������ɕ����͗�d�����́��ȁ�Օ�ѥ�����)��ٕȁ��������ٕ�������)Q��䁅ɔ�ɕ��������������Ё������԰�����ݡ�ѕٕȁ�����ѡɽ��)��ȁ݅�ѡ�䁅ɔ�ѡ�ɔ�Ѽ�����������ɽ��͔�Ѽ�х���ѡ�)ѥ���Ѽ��ձ��չ����х�����ȁ����́����ɔ��ɽ٥����)ͽչ�����ɝ����ɕ����ɽ���ͥ�������٥����Q��䁹�ٕȁ����)ѡ��ȁ����̸�%���ԁ�ɔ���Ё��ɔ����ѡ�䁍���������ѡ�������͔)���х�Ёѡ����́ѡ��ȁ���ѥ�����͍��ͥ����́�ɕ��)��ܹ��ݱ��э��ɭ�����լ