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From Laura-Gene ’ s speech

I ’ ve known Charles my entire life . I think the main two reasons we get on so well is firstly , from the moment I was old enough to handle drinking we realised we both have a similar sense of humour . ( I say humour , I mean sarcasm .) And the second reason , with the obvious exception of today , is that we aren ’ t huge on sharing our emotions with the world . Public declarations of love , soppiness etc would often be met with a vomit ! Then he met Alan , and became the Posh boi from the Vale …
When I first met Alan , on a wet Friday night in Carmarthen – longest drive of my life – he did two things . The first was to pride himself on the amount of money he saved with his coupons , and the second was insist I call him Uncle Al .
Uncle Al , I can ’ t imagine you not being part of this family . Here ’ s to the many more parties and the many more occasions you ’ ll fall asleep in a ridiculous position !
To finish , I ’ ve borrowed a little something from my sister ’ s wedding :
For every kiss , find a reason for another ; For every smile , see the love in each other ’ s eyes ; For every moment , be thankful there is more to come ; and for every single day love each other more .
A cheer to Mr and Mr Bevan-Barratt !
Secret Song , Sparkling Diamonds , Truth – with Moulin Rouge as our top table .
We tried to think of every detail ; the guests ’ choices were even on the back of the menu for those who forget things ! Our favours contained personalised chocolates and an acrylic coin with the Welsh dragon and our details on .
Our guests came from far and wide including Epsom , Glasgow , Manchester , Gloucester , Bristol , Bath , Norfolk , Plymouth , Devon , Cornwall , Hampshire , Brighton , and of course good old South Wales . They were bowled over by the ‘ best wedding ever ’, and said ‘ we ’ re never going to a conventional wedding again ’, ‘ we knew it would be special but you ' re a true showman , wow !’ and ‘ we laughed about your spreadsheets and lists , but it paid off . We expected surprises but nothing like this !’
Seeing it all come together was truly special . Alan knew very little about what was planned for the day and just seeing his face and all of the guests ’ reactions made it all worth it – and the fact that people are still talking about it today !
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CHARlES AND AlAN From Laura-Gene’s speech I’ve known Charles my entire life. I think the main two reasons we get on so well is firstly, from the moment I was old enough to handle drinking we realised we both have a similar sense of humour. (I say humour, I mean sarcasm.) And the second reason, with the obvious exception of today, is that we aren’t hu vR6&rW"VF2vFFRv&BV&Ɩ2FV6&F2bfR6W72WF2vVBgFV&RWBvFf֗BFVRWBB&V6RFR6&g&FRf^( `vVf'7BWBvWBg&FvB6&'FV( 0vW7BG&fRbגƖfR( 2RFBGvFw2FRf'7Bv2F&FR6VbFRVBbWR6fVBvF06W2BFR6V6Bv267B6V6RV6R6( BvRRB&Vr'BbF2f֖ǒW&^( 0FFR&R'FW2BFR&R6662^( f6VW&F7VW26FFf6( fR&'&vVBƗGFR6WFrg&ג67FW.( 2vVFFsf"WfW'72fB&V6f"FW#f"WfW'6֖R6VRFRfRV6FW.( 2WW3f"WfW'VB&RFgVFW&R2&RF6SBf"WfW'6vRFfRV6FW"&R6VW"F"B"&Wf&'&GB( TR$R5DDĴr$UB@DD( 6V7&WB6r7&ƖrFG2G'WF( 2vFVƖ&VvP2W"FF&RvRG&VBFFbWfW'FWFòFRwVW7G>( 66W2vW&PWfVFR&6bFRVRf"F6Rvf&vWBFw2W"ffW'26FVBW'6Ɨ6VB66FW2B7'Ɩ06vFFRvV6G&vBW"FWF2W"wVW7G26Rg&f"BvFR6VFrW6v6vr6W7FW"vV6W7FW"'&7F&F&fƲǖWFFWf6&v6&R'&vFB`6W'6RvBB6WFvW2FWvW&R&vVBfW"'FP( &W7BvVFFrWfW.( B6B( v^( &RWfW"vrF6fVFvVFFrv( ( vRWrBvVB&R7V6'WBRw&RG'VR6vvr( B( vRVvVB&W@W"7&VG6VWG2BƗ7G2'WBBBvRWV7FV@7W'&6W2'WBFrƖRF2( 6VVrB6RFvWFW"v2G'Vǒ7V6WpfW'ƗGFR&WBvBv2VBf"FRFBW7B6VVp2f6RBbFRwVW7G>( &V7F2FRBv'FB( 0BFRf7BFBVR&R7FFƶr&WBBFFvVFFw2vR +3P