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pink weddings magazine, autumn/winter 2017 pink weddings magazine Pink Weddings Magazine is published in partnership with Pink Weddings Ltd. Publishers: CJ Wellings Ltd, Romney House, School Road, Ashford, Kent TN27 0LT Editor: Claire Brown e: Designer: Jez Tucker e: Advertising sales manager: Ian Ralph e: Advertising sales: Press enquiries: Gino Meriano e: Subscriptions: e: Website: Printed on paper from sustainable sources by the Manson Group Ltd. Cover: ivosevicv / iStock CJ Wellings Ltd does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of statements made by contributors or advertisers. The contents of this magazine are the copyright of CJ Wellings Ltd, but do not necessarily represent its views or those of its partners. Time to party Welcome! Well the party season’s nearly upon us, but the good thing about putting together this magazine is that there’s always something to celebrate. And wow, do our couples do it in style! This issue we’re going big, bold and beautiful with Charles and Alan’s spectacular Moulin Rouge themed extravaganza. What a way to share your joy with the world – and bring the town centre to a standstill! We take our hats off to you (and hope some rose petal confetti with ribbons and a little diamanté might fall out!) because you sure know how to make everyone feel the love. Our couples are amazing for so many reasons and it’s a privilege to share their stories with you. As many of you will know, declaring your love for each other does not always sit well with the family, and Fay and Michelle take us through some difficult decisions on planning the day without important family members who could not accept their shared future. ‘Be true to yourself’ they say – and we couldn’t agree more. We’re also hugely inspired by Zoe and Sarah who didn’t have the easiest beginning, getting to know each other during the onset of Zoe’s illness. Their joyous event shows the love and laughter that gave their married life ‘the perfect start’. And we loved hearing from Andi and Phil, who got married on the tenth anniversary of their civil partnership. That’s a real reason to toast a winning team! Their story takes us back to the days before meeting on social media, when small talk was a necessary part of the game. (Out of interest, has anyone else met over a trifle bowl?) So before we let you enjoy the issue, let us wish you all the best snuggly eves and flamboyant nights of the season. Collect your fashion tips before you dress to impress, and your essential advice from agony auntie Fonda… though on second thoughts, who needs life lessons from that bad girl..? Until next time – enjoy! Gino Meriano Gay rights campaigner and founder of Pink Weddings Get your very own printed copy of Pink Weddings magazine! Go to oR download the app from iTunes pink weddings magazine » 3