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Contents p58 p43 p16 p23 p44 p75 p82 p72 p28 p8 p54 CONTENTS 8 All you need is love Stay true to the vision of your future together through all the highs and lows of planning, say Fay and Michelle. 16 Taste of the season Don’t step out until you’ve checked what’s hot for the cold weather! Luxury Life International’s James W Phillips gives you the essential trends. 23 Red hot to party! The best of women’s fashion will make you shimmer, shine and glow this season, so get ready to stand out from the crowd. 28 Truth, beauty, freedom and love Charles and Alan’s spectacular Moulin Rouge themed wedding brought the streets of Carmarthen to a standstill! 44 Sunshine on our shoulders Zoe and Sarah’s vision of a perfect wedding was to be surrounded by their favourite people having fun. 52 Best way to take off Make sure you pin down some essential issues before you get carried away. Fionah Connah gives you the legal advice you need to think about now. 58 Special ties Andi and Phil’s tenth anniversary of their civil partnership was a toast to love and friendship as they brought everyone together for their wedding. 78 Ask Fonda You gave our agony aunt Fonda Cox your problems, so brace yourselves for the answers... 81 Horoscopes Find what fate has in store for you, with Lily Stargazer. pink weddings magazine » 5