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Zoe and Sarah Zoe and Sarah’s perfect wedding was a day surrounded by their favourite people having fun. Zoe shares their story. Photographs by Max Callender e met online, on Gaydar Girls, in august 2011. We started chatting and soon swapped numbers, and then we were texting each other day and night. Sarah lived in nottingham but had family in the Birmingham area, where I lived at the time, so we arranged to meet a couple of times at local bars and restaurants – but our plans always fell through because I wasn’t very well. I had recently been discharged from hospital and was on my way to being diagnosed with MS. I had suffered a relapse which left me unable to use my right side and I was admitted to the stroke ward of my local hospital for treatment. I was a little in denial, but every movement was extremely hard and tiring W and in the end I had to admit I wasn’t well enough to go on a ‘normal’ date. I was open and honest with Sarah about being ill from the start and she was extremely understanding. When I admitted to her that I didn’t feel well enough to meet in town and go drinking or dancing I invited her to join me for coffee one day in my flat as that’s all I felt up to. assuming I was a serial killer trying to lure in fresh victims, Sarah politely declined, but she asked if she could add me on Facebook. after looking through all of my photos and deciding psychopaths don’t have Facebook accounts, Sarah decided to take the risk and join me for coffee, but she brought her 18-month-old springer spaniel, Bertie, with her for security. The three of us have been inseparable ever since. pink weddings magazine » 45