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Autumn/Winter FAshion The weather may be cooling but Luxury Life International’s James W Phillips has the trends to make you hot fashion news… TasTe of the season WITH AUTUMN UPON US and the last vestiges of sunshine, we are finding ourselves contemplating the transition to our winter wardrobe. No matter how painful this sounds we have to face that fact we have a good five months of cold weather ahead – but never fear, I have some tips to keep you attired in good taste. Ditch the flip flops – please. Summer is over, and I am not even sure they were a good idea to start with, if you don’t have a tan! Working in the City I see so many mistakes; but having said that, while a man in a well-tailored suit was once a rare sight, I do spot at least two gentlemen a day with a double-breasted suit with wide lapels and smart shoes. Cotton suits are becoming the borderline choice with the cold weather blowing in. Reach for your winter wools now, or if you only have cotton, grab yourself a knitted tank top from TM Lewin to wear underneath. This passes for the waistcoat look and is hugely smart. But do make sure you colour code it with your suit. I have three – navy, black and grey. When wearing wool suits, match your tie up in the same fabric and keep the colour tones throughout, but never wear the same pocket square colour as your tie. Keep the bright colours for the ’90s, they have no place in your wardrobe. Oh, and please, please bin the comedy socks. (But I know I can trust you, right?) Going sockless has been in the news lately and you can still get away with it up until November. After then your socks should match your loafers. always a winner, or a simple fitted white shirt and blue v- neck jumper. But wear those show stopper sneakers you have saved up for, leave the double monk straps or lace-ups for the office, and slip on your Valentinos or Giuseppe Zanottis, even with your blazer. If these are out of budget go for an understated high street brand – but please, never ever your old luminous running trainers with last week’s mud on... just don't do it! Remember the season; colours should be muted, tasteful and autumnal. Feel free to wear a thin cable knit under your biker jacket – this looks great with white sneakers. Wearing shorts is reserved for next summer, or your next Caribbean get-away, but let’s make a call to action right here and agree to ban the three-quarter length cargo packet shorts… please? So remember, dress for the season, not the memories of your summer holiday. Embrace this time of year and head into autumn with your head held high, your wardrobe showing distinction, taste and class – and show off your new attire on Instagram for the world to see. Follow me on instagram @james-w_phillips Hats are making somewhat of a comeback, even the bowler. Yes, this is true; I have seen two city gentlemen sporting bowlers already and I am just itching to buy one! Don’t work in the City but at your local business park or have a blue- collar job? Well there is no difference; dress for success, wherever you may be. Be the standard bearer for the male race and really show the world you mean business. And what about weekend casual wear? My philosophy is stay sharp for business, stay cool at weekends, in skinny ripped jeans, v-neck T and fitted light coat. A blazer and T is pink weddings magazine 17