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HannaH anD amy On a roll From sharing a hobby Amy found herself hurtling head - long into a future with Hannah. She shares their story. Photos by Chris Morgan I always thought it was a bit naff that everyone says their wedding day is the most amazing day of their lives. Turns out I was wrong... I was Hannah’s boss! We both work in TV and she knew me from videos I had posted online about our shared passion – roller derby. So it was weird to say the least. But I was a good boss and behaved myself: we didn’t get together for another 18 months! I went shopping for an engagement ring with my best buddy just to see if I could get an idea of what I thought Hannah might want and what I liked too. I found a beautiful vintage Edwardian ring in The Lanes in Brighton and was like, ‘Eeeek! Oh no, I actually have to do this now.’ I had a whole elaborate plan for the proposal. Hannah is a ridiculously obsessed Potter nerd, so her pal and I tricked her into going to the Harry Potter studios for the day (for the third time!) – and in the meantime, I decked out our 30ft balcony with fairy lights. I managed to practically poke my eye out and give myself a blood blister on my eyeball, and I nearly gave up multiple times, but it was worth it. It looked amazing. She arrived back from her day out full of Potter joy and I took her out onto the balcony and asked if she’d liked what I’d done to it, because she loves fairy lights. She seemed a little confused because it was December and after Christmas. I had painted a Stranger Things type sign at the end of balcony that said I LOVE YOU with colourful lights on it. I went down to the sign and pulled it off to reveal another sign that said WILL YOU MARRY ME? (Please) and pink weddings magazine » 9