Pink Weddings Magazine Pink Weddings Summer 2018 - Page 81

Horoscopes With Lily Stargazer Aries Leo Sagittarius 21 March – 20 April 23 July – 22 August 23 November – 21 December Aries, Aries, the last few months have sometimes been a struggle. But after rain, must come sunshine and now is your time to shine. Make rainbows! Your glow will encourage others to glow. Just you wait and see! All that roaring, Leo. Isn’t it time to take stock and see what’s what? Be careful in this celestial season that your enthusiasm and determination is not misconstrued. Sometimes ‘softly, softly’ is the best approach. Look out for the number seven and the colour yellow. Grab the world by the hooves, Sagittarius. Stop hanging in the sidelines, waiting for that push which will never come. Take that first step and move towards what you’ve always wanted. It’s now or never. Taurus 21 April – 20 May Hold it all loosely, Taurus. You can’t control everything. It’s difficult yes, but you have to learn to let go and breathe. Stop gripping so tightly and new projects will not only take off but soar. You can do it! Gemini 21 May – 20 June The current transit through Taurus has put you in a bullish mood, Gemini. But be careful not to get stuck on what’s wrong and forget to focus on what’s right – your intimate relationships, for one. You only get what you put in, so keep putting in that time and effort. Your loved ones will appreciate it. And you! Cancer Virgo 23 August – 22 September With the abundance of Uranus, it seems as though you might be doing some serious travelling this year. And why not? Everyone loves Butlins, don’t they? But if you venture further afield remember to say yes at every oppor - tunity, Virgo. You’ve spent enough time saying no. Look out for the colour blue and luck y number 8. Libra 23 September – 22 October Don’t fear what other people think, Libra. Live your life on your own terms. Value your time and make space for self-care and you will amaze – not only your self, but all of those around you. What projects have you abandoned? Well pick them up and begin again! 21 June – 22 July Scorpio What’s with the long face, Cancer? All the signs say: good times ahead. This is your phase of growth, care and compassion in the domestic sphere. Is this the perfect time to visit Pets at Home? They sell goldfish too, you know! Look out for lucky number 5. 23 October – 22 November Don’t get snappy, Scorpio. Richness is in abundance in your house. Sort out those finances. Pay the bank manager a visit. Buy that lottery ticket for it might just be ker-ching. No surprise that gold is your lucky colour! Capricorn 22 December – 19 January The times they are a-changing. Shake things up Capricorn. You’ve been too stale for too long. What has been niggling? What can be converted? Change the things you can and accept what you can’t. That’s the way to do it! Aquarius 20 January – 18 February Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Does it feel as if everyone else has what you want? Stop that green-eyed monster and focus on your own life. Comparison is the thief of joy. What are you grateful for, Aquarius? Focus on that and life won’t feel half empty but brim-full. Pisces 19 February – 20 March Aw Pisces. Still love-sick. Still floating in your own world, dreaming of that significant other! Enjoy it! Don’t allow those doubts to seep in. Life is filled with uncertainty and love doesn’t take that away. So enjoy the ride and focus on the now. Are you happy? Well, lap it up. pink weddings magazine 81