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Perfume Signature scent Every perfume should heighten the senses believes Lucy Akhurst, who was inspired to create her own evocative brand many miles away from the mass market In a market of perfume blockbusters and branded celebrity fragrances, perfumer Lucy Akhurst has created a collection that interlaces storytelling with scent. She has introduced four compelling scents, created to take the wearer to distant romantic places. The genealogy of La Maison Hédonique lies in Lucy’s love of narrative and story-telling, following a successful career as an actor in film and television, as well as a writer and voiceover artist. The Maison Hédonique collection is centred around a single concept: to evoke emotions. Lucy had long sought a signature scent to headline in her personal fragrance wardrobe. Her search took her to all the major niche perfume houses but still nothing clicked. And then, one Christmas, her husband bought her a book by Lizzie Ostrum which frustrated and tantalised in equal measure: she wanted to smell the perfumes described in it. As a result, Lucy bought a perfume kit but ended-up abandoning the enclosed formulae – the concoctions didn’t smell bad, they just smelled like the mass market perfumes she’d been trying to get away from. Instead, she started to compose, following her emotions and heart towards 66 » pink weddings magazine something that not only smelled good but also haunted the wearer. People now want to invest in their own individuality, she believes. The use of high-quality, rare and unusual raw materials in her fragrances is key to Hédonique’s appeal, alongside a dedication to bringing customers a unique story and background. Each elegant perfume is a riff on mystery and seduction taking you to a romantic encounter in Paris, a chance meeting with a stranger on the Côte d’Azur, a crackling fireside at a gentleman’s club when you should be in bed, or a midnight walk in the otherworldly, enchanted ruins of an Italian garden where something is watching you. Lucy now has a prestigious stockist – Jovoy in Mayfair – and in addition to her Maison Hédonique capsule collection she offers a bespoke service. She is discreet about her client list but acknowledges she has created scents for several well-known actresses. Dividing her time between London, Paris and Provence, Lucy draws inspiration from her surroundings and imagination to bring you creations that feel beguilingly personal. After all, who wants to smell like everybody else?