Pink Weddings Magazine Pink Weddings Summer 2018 - Page 51

Advertising – 01233 633 315 Guaranteed to get your ‰—‡•–•‘–Š‡†ƒ…‡ƪ‘‘”Ǩ It’s your big day! It’s your party! A true professional Saski knows how to work the crowd and get your party started. Saski will liaise closely with you and your partner in advance to …‘Ƥ”—•‹…‰‡”‡•ƒ†’Žƒ›Ž‹•–•–‘ƒ‡•—”‡ –Šƒ–ƒŽŽ›‘—”—•‹…”‡“—‡•–•ƒ”‡‡–ƒ†–Šƒ– ‡˜‡”›–Š‹‰‰‘‡••‘‘–ŠŽ›Ǥ Your Host! ƒ•‹…ƒƒ‡ ƒ‘—…‡‡–•ǡ ’‡”ˆ‘”‘”’Žƒ› your wedding •‘‰ǡƒ‡ introductions for •’‡‡…Š‡•ǡƤ”•– †ƒ…‡ǡ…—––‹‰ of the cake and prepare guests to cheer as the Ǯ‡™Ž›™‡†•ǯƒ‡ƒ entrance along with an ‘’‡‹‰•‘‰‘ˆ…Š‘‹…‡ƒ•–Š‡›‡–‡”–Š‡”‘‘ǡƒ perfect way to arrive and set the tone for the rest of your celebration. A true professional, out and proud, Saski knows how to get your party started... Full PA system with lights for up to 500 people and can provide party music in between sets. Solo, Duo, Band price packages available. pink weddings magazine » 51