Pink Weddings Magazine Pink Weddings Summer 2018 - Page 45

JASON ANd GlEN killed nobody! e met at the gym, where I was an instructor. Glen was a participant in the classes but then we lost contact. We met up later through mutual friends and saw each other as part of the group before eventually getting together. Our friendship grew and grew and turned into a relationship and we’d been together for seven years when we thought it would be nice to be married. We’d arranged a trip to Paris in November 2014 to celebrate Glen’s birthday, but I had no idea W what was about to happen when we went up the Eiffel Tower. We were at the top of the tower and Glen went to get champagne – which I refused because it was so expensive for a plastic flute. Then he proposed and I wished I had just bought the champagne! I wanted to elope, but Glen wanted a wedding at home so the family could attend. We ended up having the best of both. I booked a holiday to the USA, asked our friends to come, and then decided to have the wedding in New York as part of our pink weddings magazine » 45