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pink weddings magazine, Summer 2018 Fly high for summer pink weddings magazine Pink Weddings Magazine is published in partnership with Pink Weddings Ltd. Welcome! Welcome to our new edition – and WOW do we have a sizzling summer issue for you! From fashion to finishing touches, cakes to cars, entertainers to extraordinary ideas… we’ve got a feast of inspiration just waiting for you. Thanks to our gorgeous couples, we can bring you sassy style and intimate moments from some very different locations. Publishers: CJ Wellings Ltd, Romney House, School Road, Ashford, Kent TN27 0LT Editor: Claire Brown e: [email protected] Designer: Jez Tucker e: [email protected] Advertising sales manager: Ian Ralph e: [email protected] Advertising sales: [email protected] Press enquiries: Gino Meriano e: [email protected] Subscriptions: e: [email protected] Website: Printed on paper from sustainable sources by the Manson Group Ltd. Cover: Jellypics CJ Wellings Ltd does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of statements made by contributors or advertisers. The contents of this magazine are the copyright of CJ Wellings Ltd, but do not necessarily represent its views or those of its partners. Hannah and Amy love being in the pub – so where better to have their ‘do’ than a lovely old London boozer? The warmth of their big occasion just spills off the pages. The whole wedding experience can feel like a fantasy, so why not go the whole way and create a Disney spectacular? Lena and Stacey did, right down to the finest detail. Join them for their fairy-tale experience. If you can’t decide between two far-flung locations… have them both! Jason and Glen show us how it’s done with a Great Gatsby themed wedding in New York and a reception back home in Sunderland. Their guests make a spectacular cast! And if the preparations are all getting a bit much, turn to Lara and Serelle’s story and you’ll remember why you’re doing it. It’s a beautiful reminder of how the best partnerships are built on friendship – their ‘low key and really personal’ day really captures the magic. The big message, loud and clear, is ‘do your day your way!’ Oh, and make sure you enjoy every minute. We are always united in love. Gennaro (Gino) Meriano Gay rights campaigner and founder of Pink Weddings Get your very own printed copy of Pink Weddings magazine! Go to oR download the app from iTunes pink weddings magazine » 3