Pink Weddings Magazine Pink Weddings Summer 2018 - Page 17

Women’s Fashion TasTe This season’s fashion looks good enough to eat… the best possible River Island Summer this year is all about frivolity. Think irreverent ice cream shades good enough to eat: vanilla, violet, pistachio. Lovely and lickable too! If this is too much sweetness, take a dive for the dark with deep blue denim. We saw it at Fendi, Chanel, Calvin Klein and a whole host of others. And for under that dark blue denim jacket? Dare to bare! This season is all about exposing yourself. Yes, that’s right! Sheer skirts, sheer dresses and sheer blouses. Just make sure you invest in some decent underwear. Or better still, wear your underwear as outerwear. That ’90s vibe is strong this year with bra tops, net bodies and basques all featuring on the catwalk. No, it’s not the season for shyn ess. And if sheer doesn’t appeal, then why not rock those primary colours? They were here last year and they’re here again. So splash those paintbox brilliants and be bolder than bold. We want colour pops of yellows, blues, reds and greens. Flaunt bright boots and bags with tea dresses and you’ll be bang on trend. But do not fear! Plastic is still fantastic. Chanel, Chloe, Isabel Marant, Burberry and Calvin Klein have returned to clear waterproof wear yet again this year. Perfect for our British summer. You’ll be drenched, yes, but oh so chic. Have you heard? Even cowgirls get the blues! This year’s fashion rodeo features fringes upon fringes. We’ve got fringed leather biker jackets, suede skirts and tasseled leather bags everywhere. Don’t forget those embellished cowgirl shirts too. Gun and holster optional. Yeehaw! If all that gunpowder has you hankering after something altogether more feminine, then get your sashay on: the pencil skirt reigns supreme. Think Mad Men, think kitten heels and white ankle socks and you’ll be in feminine fashion heaven. And if that’s not enough fem for you, then get ruffling. Ruffled necklines, ruffled sleeves, ruffled cuffs. Only this season you’ll be teaming that pencil skirt and those ruffles with a bum bag. Yes, that’s right: the ’80s classic has officially been raised from the dead. Who doesn’t love a bum bag? Right? Right? If the purse strings are tight this year, then do not fear: old staples still abound. Pack away your winter wardrobe and dig out trench coats, stripes and pastel colours. Dust off that trench, get your Breton on and your beret too and you’ll be chicer than a French poodle and ready to strut your stuff! It’s not the season for shyness. And if sheer doesn’t appeal, then why not rock those primary colours? pink weddings magazine 17 When the going gets tough, fashion gets fun.