Pink Weddings Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016 - Page 99

Gem and HannaH e met through my housemate, mark. He invited Hannah over for dinner one evening, and it was just love at first sight. We met up again two days later, before having our first date on the Sunday. It really didn’t take us long to start talking about marriage. We were only about four weeks into dating, in fact. To be honest, I was a little concerned that people might not take us seriously after such a rushed relationship. Six weeks after we met, I took Hannah to Brighton for the weekend to celebrate her birthday. It was around this time I decided that actually, I didn’t care what anyone else thought – I knew I wanted to propose to her. She almost ruined the surprise a few times – she kept making huge hints, like deciding to watch the film The Proposal at the hotel, and then asking me outright if I was planning to propose on the walk down to the ferris wheel. W pink weddings magazine » 99