Pink Weddings Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016 - Page 91

LIFESTYLE TIpS you feel angry or miserable. Do you know what’s pretty easy and satisfying? To sit and complain for hours, or to comment and share these stories on social media, as if that’s going to make a difference. Don’t get me wrong – I am one of these people. I love a good moan. But there comes a point where you have to think – what is this achieving? Very little. It’s very easy to be a reactive person. After all, it takes a lot less effort to sit and complain about your problems than to actually do anything to fix them. I have had many a breakdown over my ‘problems’ and sat in a helpless heap on the floor instead of pulling myself together and sorting myself out – because it’s the easier option. A proactive person focuses on what can change – what they CAN do. Let’s not keep playing the victim card! 5. schedULe difficULt/most important tasks earLy Studies show that effective and productive business leaders schedule their most important/difficult tasks earlier on. For some people it’s easier said than done, but it’s just about planning to the best of your ability and predicting that your day will be unpredictable! From now on I’ll start my day with the most difficult tasks where I can, so I can focus fully with no distractions. Also, that huge to-do list? Get rid of it. You should only have two or three major jobs for the day on there, which means you’ll have no excuse for not getting them done! Right? 6. have a side project Keep yourself motivated and energised by starting up an exciting side project – this can be anything from art or the gym, to learning a new language. Find something that excites you, and schedule it in two or three times a week to keep you motivated and inspired. 7. prioritise yoUr free time When asked ‘What are the most important aspects of your life?’ I bet you would never pick your job, the TV, or social media. Of course, we would always pick family, or health. So why do we spend so much time apart from our families, glued in front of the TV or on our phones instead of talking to each other? And why do we get home from work and sit in front of the TV for hours, instead of taking the time to cook a good healthy dinner or go to the gym? Doing activities that are good for the soul will only contribute towards your overall happiness and therefore, your productivity. 8. give yoUrseLf a break Giving yourself regular breaks is essential to keep you focused in the long run. Always give yourself a break to reward yourself for your hard work and give your brain a rest, and then tell yourself that when you come back you’ll focus again for another set amount of time with no distractions. Breaking the day up into 50-minute chunks with a walk around the office is a great way to stay awake and focused. Plus if you work with a computer, it’s important to give your eyes a rest! 9. think team effort If you want to be productive and do well, it doesn’t mean someone else has to lose. You will get more done acting as a team than you will by trying to do so many jobs alone. Sometimes it’s impossible to escape the people who put you down, and sometimes it will have an impact on your own productivity if they stress you out. But as long as you stay on track and work as a key component of your team, bringing encouragement and a good attitude, the overall productivity will be greater than if you were to let negativity have an impact on your day! 10. pLan, pLan, and pLan some more Many people see planning as a waste of time and continue down the path of reacting to events as and when they happen. While that’s an important skill to have – to be able to think on your feet and respond quickly under pressure – if you can, you should always plan. Actually dedicate some time to planning, instead of seeing planning as too time-consuming to justify. It’s like trying to write an essay with a broken pen; instead of spending a little time going to get a new pen, which would make the job easier, you struggle on and finish with a pretty rubbish result. Plan as much as you can, and watch the results speak for themselves. 11. de-cLUtter Quite a big one for me – I get stressed if the house gets cluttered or if my workspace gets too messy. Clean space means clear head! And I know you’re probably like me and have an ‘organised mess’ 80% of the time, but if you declutter it also means that you can find things faster – which means? More time doing things that actually matter! pink weddings magazine » 91