Pink Weddings Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016 - Page 90

LIFESTYLE TIpS MILLIE’S MANTRAS Are you productive, or just plain busy? PWM’s Millie Stockwell gives tips on being more effective with your time Busy being busy? Do you ever get into bed after what seemed like such a long and tiring day, and ask yourself, ‘what did I actually get done today?’ You ran around all day with a huge to-do list, trying desperately to play catch-up and tick things off. But is that you being productive, or are you just creating unnecessary stress for yourself? Here are some tips and tricks to be proactive with your precious time. news, some will meditate. I feel so much better and energised on the days I get to the pool and gym before work. Not only does it wake me up and get my blood pumping, but there’s no better feeling than knowing that when you finish work you can relax – your hard work is all over for the day. 2. UnpLUg According to the internet (ironically), you will sleep better and be less stressed if you unplug all your electronic devices for an hour or so before bed. Some people choose to stay offline in the mornings too – and I can see the appeal of this. Unfortunately though, this is one of those ‘I have to work on this’ points. I lie in bed for about ten minutes in the mornings just catching up on everything I may have missed since laying my phone down however many hours before. Quite sad really! Make a point of ignoring your phone in the mornings (except the alarm, of course) until you’re out of the door. I’ll be joining you on this! 1. Learn to Love mornings 3. get moving Maybe ‘love’ is a strong word. I think many of us probably became better at this over the last few months (it’s a lot easier in the summer). By starting your mornings right, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to super-charge your day. Plan ahead the night before. Set out the clothes you need, get your breakfast all set up ready to go and your lunch prep done. Getting out of bed is so much easier if you minimise your chances of any last minute stressful situations! Everyone will want to spend their free time in the morning doing som ething different – some like to workout, some like to read the paper or watch the Exercise is an amazing stress buster. When you’re tired it’s the last thing in the world you want to do, but just think – 20-30 minutes a day; That’s all you really need to do. Half an hour will help you to relieve stress and sleep better, which means? More energy to complete your daily check lists. Plus it helps us stay healthy and in shape. No brainer! 90 » pink weddings magazine 4. stop compLaining If you scroll through any form of news app or social media, it’s pretty easy to come across stories and articles that make