Pink Weddings Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016 - Page 81

HIDDEN GEM WEDDINGS whose appearance alone reminded me that I’d reached the fourth day of using dry shampoo on my hair instead of washing it properly. We barely had a moment to look around the spa shop or the fitness centre before we were each being ushered into our own little dimly lit rooms. The calming music and the smell of the oils hit me as I walked in – it was my first time having a massage, so I didn’t particularly know what to expect. But trust me, it was everything I needed. After a tiring week of work and suffering with a nasty cold, I actually felt relaxed. Despite the fact I felt like I could have had a three-hour nap, Laura and I decided to take a dip in the heated swimming pool. Any excuse to whip out the summer bikinis, eh? The water was so warm and inviting it was like taking a huge bath, and as we bobbed around talking about weddings and our ‘perfect day’, I remember feeling like we were a million miles away from home. After drying off and freshening up, Laura and I were escorted to the Mezzanine Bar, where we had a celebratory glass of bubbly. It was a spacious airy bar, where you can enjoy a drink overlooking the 18-hole championship golf course – not that either of us is particularly a golf enthusiast, but we could definitely appreciate that this was a championship course. I later found out that just a minute’s walk away was Bearstead Woodland Trust; 16-acres of peaceful nature walks. It would be perfect for calming any pre-wedding nerves, or for a romantic stroll after dinner. Our glass of bubbly didn’t touch the sides, and we were escorted to the restaurant to another beautiful window seat overlooking the grounds. Making ourselves comfortable and ordering the wine (again, we had our priorities!) we were back on the topic of weddings. There were so many aspects of a wedding I hadn’t yet considered. For example, outside or inside? I’ve always thought I’d want to get married on a beach, but then what about providing some sort of shelter for your guests? It clearly wouldn’t have been a problem at Tudor Park – not only did they have a gazebo overlooking a wildlife pond (looking like something from a fairytale book) they also had a canopied terrace. The abundant grounds and wildlife reserve, complete with a picturesque wooden bridge, was a stunning backdrop for wedding photos. Our first course was some crispy bread rolls with herb butter, which was home-made and the perfect side for the wine I’d ordered! For mains we both had the most delicious lamb burgers from the hotel’s brand new grill menu, with some chunky chips – crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, just how I like them. We noticed a gentleman in a smart suit checking on the tables and shaking hands with the guests. When he got to our table, (I had my mouth full of food of course, typical) he introduced himself as the restaurant manager, and asked ‘How are you finding our magnificent hotel?’ I nodded wildly in approval, while Laura sang praises about the hotel, and let him know the food was scrumptious. We stayed in the restaurant until the sun started going down. We had planned to take a stroll in the grounds after our dinner, but we were so stuffed we could just about waddle back to our room and get out of our heels (not that I could reach my feet at this point) before shoving on our pyjamas and collapsing into bed. Tudor Park, you didn’t disappoint. SPECIAL OFFERS TUDOR PARK has skilled on-site wedding planners to help coordinate the wedding from the start. ALL WEDDING PACKAGES include a complimentary food and wine tasting as well as a complimentary superior bedroom on the night of their wedding, and preferential accommodation rates offered to family and friends. October 30 WEDDING FAIR Tudor Park 11am-3pm FREE ENTRY MORE THAN 80 GUESTS? Then receive a complimentary toastmaster. WEDDINGS START FROM £2,500, but if couples choose the Complete Package, then they will receive dinner for two on their first anniversary, as well as a bedroom the night prior to their wedding. pink weddings magazine » 81